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If You Want to Get Rid of Your Existing Structures

Don't try to handle demolition work on your own. Trust Pick N Go to handle your demolition project safely and efficiently. We provide commercial and residential demolition services in Clearwater, FL and Watertown, NY.

When you call us, we'll set up a time to visit your property and take pictures of your structures. We don't have set prices since every demolition job is different. We'll send you a written estimate once we see what we're working with.

Contact our demolition company in Clearwater, FL or Watertown, NY today to discuss your job with one of our team members.

We'll clean up after ourselves

We'll clean up after ourselves

We pride ourselves on our appearance and professionalism. Our team will leave your job site cleaner than it was when we arrived. Hire our demolition company in Watertown, NY or Clearwater, FL to demolish:

  • Pools, spas or hot tubs
  • Bathrooms or kitchens
  • Non-load bearing walls
  • Sheds, decks or bird cages
  • Garages
  • Homes

See how easily you can remove your outdated features. Reach out to us today to schedule demolition services in Watertown, NY or Clearwater, FL.